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This page is designed to keep our members and friends up-to-date on what is happening within the Association.


      We are happy to report that we have moved to our new home - 2700 Rhawn Street (SEC Rhawn and Fairfield Sts. - one block east of Roosevelt Blvd.)  See photos below.  All our equipment and some of the NECHS memorabilia came with us.  What we received when the school closed is now proudly displayed.  The Shrine of Our Lady Fatima and the plaques honoring our members who died during World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam, which was the property of the Association came with us have been reconstructed at the site.  The men pictured below - alumni and friends and relatives - were responsible for getting us moved in.

     Since June, 2010 when we moved in, we've made a number of improvements to the building and property, not the least of which, was installing the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in the rear yard.  Of course, the plaques honoring the memory of the 265 alumni who gave their lives for  their country in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam are next to Our Lady.  The Shrine was dedicated by Father Kilty on Memorial Day, 2011.

    The office as you walk in from the entrance on Fairfield Street is the nerve center of your Association.  On the walls are a number of mementos of accomplishments from years past.  The desk on the right belonged to the secretary to the President of NECHS and was made by Frank Fedele, '64.  Above the mantle on the left is an original cartoon by Bil Keane, '40

     Two views of the operations center where all mailings are produced.  It is also used for committee meetings and meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund.  On the far right is the plaque honoring those killed in Vietnam which hung at the end of the first floor corridor at North.  It now graces a wall in one of our Memorial Rooms.

     Something new was added in the summer of '13.  Thanks to Mariana Bracetti Academy, the charter school that purchased the NECHS building, we were able to secure the banner above which was the top the marquee on the corner of Torresdale & Hunting Park Aves.  With some expert craftmanship, we were able to cut it to size, frame it appropriately and it now hangs in a place of honor in our operations center.

     Some the Catholic League Championship shields given to us when school closed.  Our Hall of Fame which honors our Outstanding Alumni, Outstanding Achievement Award recipients, Honorary members, and past Presidents and Chaplains.  Some of the sports memorabilia that were presented to us.

     On the left some more sports memorabilia.  On the right, the NECHS Hall of Fame plaques and a tapestry honoring the 1956 City Championship football team.  Between the Hall of Fame plaques are three items of interest.  The Crucifix is from the chapel at North.  Just below is a school shield which dates to 1932, and, finally, the podium which graced the stage at North since it was presented as a graduation gift by the Class of 1951.

     A wall with the trophies we were able to obtain from the school. Center is a number of the citations the school received from local and state government over the years.  Some banners and pennants gathered over the years, in particular, one honoring the basketball teams achievements.

     Some more memorabilia, in particular an autographed picture of honorary member, Pope John Paul II, and a plaque honoring the legendary Father Thomas "Knobby" Walsh, Hon. '66.  On the right, plaques and photos honoring former alumni, an original "Reds" Falcon cartoon by Jerry Buckley, '50, and a copy of the recruitment poster emphasizing that the "right direction" was North.  Now that you've had glimpse, why not stop by and view the building first hand.  Give us a call at 215-543-1051 to make sure someone is "home".

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Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer

     Joe Pilawsky, '71 (center) and friend smile for the camera as Turkey Bowl Chair Jack Devine, '69 check out the situation.  Steve Magurn, '70 and classmate had a great time despite the fact that Jim Kelly was absent.  Sig Mikula, '83, and friend are obviously having a good time.

     First Lady Kathy Brown, President Jeff, '79, and Lou Szojka, '74, sure look like they're enjoying themselves.  This is a table for of Rzepczynski's and friends - Jen (left), husband Jeff, '88 (right) and son Vince, '11 - (center).

     Ed Gavin, '59, Tom McAvoy, '59, Jim Danvers, '63, and Jim McAvoy, '63, had a pleasant afternoon despite the Eagles' loss.  The Handleys are obviously relaxed and having a good time.

    Classmates Steve Cardullo, '72, and John Garson, '72, relax at the bar with a beverage.  Also joining in the fun are Jim O'Connor, '61, Frank Kelly, '50, Ed Guckin, and Pete Tansey, '63.

     Ed Jaskowiak (left) is joined by a number of younger alumni and friends including his son. Ed, '04(second from right) and Steve Pascavitch, '68 (far right).  Bob Monica, '71 (right) and fellow alumni pose for our cameraman.

     John Peteraf, '70, and friends, pose smilingly for our photographer.  Oops, there he is again, that O'Connor fellow from '61.  This time with classmate Jim Henes, '61, and brother Bob Henes, '66.

     These alumni and friends in both photos had a great afternoon but our photographer forgot to get their names - our apologies.

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     John Malone, '47, and his wife smilingly pose for our photographer.  Obviously enjoying themselves are President Jeff Brown, '79, John Cassidy, '44, and John Malone, '47.

     Joe Muffler, '49, Frank Kelly, '50, and his lady friend Jean; standing are Walt Kirwan, '56, and his wife.  At this table we have (clockwise from lower left) Nancy McCormick, Matt Fasbinder, '52, Jim Foley, '52, Bill Degnan, '52, Frank Noonan, '51, and Marty McCormick, '52.

     Some of the Class of '49 - Bill Hettel, Joe Kain, Jerry Murphy, Stephanie Hettel, and Pat Boyle.  This contingent from the Class of '53, had one outsider and he (Joe Pajak, '50) has his back to the camera.  Clockwise from left - John Pajak, Barbara Knobbs, Dolores and Bob McDonnell, Tom and Patricia Gilligan, Frank and Jean MacLeod, and Bill Smith.

     Wayne McKeever, '53, Luncheon Chairman Tom Dougherty, '51 and his wife Ellie, Arline McKeever, Matt Berenato, '51, and Jack Bonner, '51, along with a couple of gentlemen are photographer couldn't capture in the photo fill this table.  Among the Class of '56 in attendance were Joe Mulcahy, Gene Mather, Tom O'Rourke, Ron Secoda, Dolores Mulcahy, Mrs. Secoda, Jack McErlean, Bill Chase, and Walt Rider.

     We got the photographer to take another shot of this table so Joe Pajak, '50, could prove he was there!  That's him at the head of the table making the OK sign.

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Joe Conklin Comedy Night at Our Alma Mater

     Alumni 1st VP and Activities Committee Chairman Jeff Rzepczynski, '88, welcomes the 350 plus people to the Comedy Night held at what was Northeast Catholic High School.  Through the courtesy of Angela Villani, President of Marianna Bracetti Academy Charter School which now own and occupy the building we were fortunate enough to secure the auditorium for our return to the Big House.  We had ample opportunity to roam the halls to see the changes made to the building.  Vince Valentine was the MC and one of the warm up comedians for the star of the show.

     Another of the warm up comedians was Dennis Horan.  President Jeff Brown, '79, with the Joe Conklin and Jeff Rzepczynski, '88.

     Joe Conklin, an '80 Dougherty grad, had the attention of the audience from the minute he stepped on stage and delighted them with his many impersonations - ranging from US presidents, past and present - to a number of current and former Philadelphia sports personalities.

     Of course, the highlight of the performance was the appearance of Joe's ever popular local celebrity "Chip Snapper".

Falcons Fun in the Sun at Flip Flopz

     Jim Kelly, '70 and Tom Razzano, '65 dig in to the good food.  Larry Keefe, '57 and friend at one of the many bars.

     The Petaccio boys, Joe, '89 (center) and Jason, '95 (right) and friend had a great afternoon.  Perennial attendees Steve, '68, and Donna Pascavitch, 'and Joe, '61, and Anne Gabor.

     Mike Bispels, '63 and friend as John Seng, '53 eyes the photographer.  Jim Kelly. '70 (l.) and Lou DeCree, '70, surround a classmate.

     Part of a large contingent of the Class of '70, despite the looks they had a great time.  Jerry, '51, and Mrs. McCool pose smilingly for our cameraman.

     The Class of '53 had a sizable contingent present for an afternoon conviviality and camaraderie.  Among them Tom Gilligan and Charley O'Donnell and two former footballers - Pete Gibbons and Bill Maher.

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Silver Anniversary Golf Classic at Riverton Country Club

     The foursome of Larry Keefe, '57, Dom DiSandro, '57, Jim Scanio, '58, and Charlie Peterson, '58.  The first time in our 25-year history - a Hole-in-One - by Mike McBride, '81.  Joe Pilawsky, '71, and the Devine brothers, Bob, '73, Jack, '69, and Jim, '76.

     The Walls Family - Joe, '60, Jim, '65, Tom, '70, and Jim, Jr.  This foursome surrounding (c.) Bob Woltjen '83, is Sorry - we don't know this gentleman - Tom Harrigan, Paul Kaiser, '67, and Brian Callahan, '84.  Steve Coyle, '63, Ray Eveland, '53, and Frank Byrne, '65.

    This smiling group is Jim Meehan, '67, John Marquess, '67, Pat Woods, '68, and Jim Whalen, '67.  Former Chairman of the Golf Classic, John Barnes, '89 (c) is joined by Jim Lennox, and Bob Lutz.

     Another family group - the Smiths, Ron, '89, Ken, '69, and Ron, '67.  Joe Gabor, '61, and his foursome, Tony Aspite, '61, Ray Brown, '91, and Jason Pacetti, '91.  In the background John Peteraf, '70, and Jim O'Connor, '61, enjoy Mr. Gabor's humor.

     One of our younger groups - Bill Wenglicki, '91, Matt Zagorski, '97, and Dave Zagorski, '93.  Posing prettily for our photographer (l. to r.) President Jeff Brown, '79, 3rd VP Joe Pilawsky, '71, Bob Devine, '73, 2nd VP Jack Devine, '69, Jim Devine, '76, and Asst. Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Hanejko, '65.

     Golf Classic Chairman Tom Morgan, '64, opens the awards program.  A smiling group of happy golfers and revelers.  Our unknown friend, Bill Woltjen, '82, Brian Callahan, '84, Tom Harrigan, Tom Woltjen, '77, Vince Tacconelli, '80, and Paul Kaiser, '67.

     Robin Skubin Nolan VP for Institutional Advancement at St. Hubert's HS thanks the attendees, the Association, and the Scholarship Fund for their support of Catholic Education.  Joining her is Dr. Rose Scioli, Assistant Principal.  These ladies along with Tom Morgan's daughters, Rachel and Colleen, helped all day long with the refreshments carts, the putting contest and selling chances at the evening's festivities.  They have our undying thanks.  President Jeff Brown, '79, updates those in attendance on the Scholarship Fund.

     Classic Chairman Tom Morgan '64, presented some trophies to those who provided support above and beyond the norm over the past twenty-five years.  Former chair John Barnes, '89, Jim Meehan, '67, and Joe Gabor, '61.

     Also receiving recognition from Chairman Tom Morgan , '64, on behalf of the Association,  were Bob Woltjen '83, Frank Byrne, '65, and Steve Coyle, '63.

     Emmett Ruane, '55, receives an award from Chairman Morgan.  Tom congratulates the winning foursome of John Barnes, '89, Bill Woltjen, '82, Jim Lennox, and Bob Lutz.

     Jim Cirillo, '64, accepts the prize money from Chairman Tom Morgan '64,for winning the putting contest.  Chairman Morgan congratulates Pat Woods, '68, for smashing the longest drive.

     Tom Morgan congratulates Greg Corace for winning the closest to the pin contest.  Second Place overall went to the group of Tom Morgan, '64, Charlie Corace, and Greg Corace.

     Chairman Tom Morgan and the team that finished third - Jim Walls, Jr., Jim Walls, '65, Joe Walls, '60, and Tom Walls, '70.


66th Anniversary



     Our Lady's Shrine was spruced up prior to the services.  3rd VP Joe Pilawsky, '71, painted the statues and prieu deux and a new flag was added.  The crowd began to arrive from Resurrection of Our Lord Church where Mass was concelebrated by Oblate Fathers Neil Kilty, '59, and John Spellman, '56, and the pastor, Father Joe Howarth, '67.

     More alumni and families of our deceased heroes file in to join in our tribute to our fallen alumni.

     Chairman John Handley, '58 nods to Father Kilty to begin our service.

     President Jeff Brown, '79, places a commemorative wreath at the base of the Shrine.  After the Service, we adjourned inside for a repast of coffee and cake.

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Scholarship Fund

     A dues paying member may apply for a grant for his child(ren) and/or grandchild(ren).  Grants are awarded to attend any of the following colleges/universities:  Cabrini College, Radnor, Pennsylvania; Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; DeSales University, Center Valley, Pennsylvania; Georgian Court University, Lakewood, New Jersey; Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania; Holy Family University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Immaculata University, Immaculata, Pennsylvania; LaSalle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Neumann University, Aston, Pennsylvania; Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pennsylvania; St. Charles Borromeo Seminary College, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania; St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania.  The applicant must be a senior in high school to be eligible.  Four grants of $25,000 are awarded to applicants who meet our minimum academic and financial need requirements.  They are payable in equal semi-annual installments over four years providing the applicant meets our minimum academic standards.

     Grants are also awarded to attend an (arch)diocesan or parochial high school operated within the canonical jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, and/or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey.  The applicant must be in the 8th grade to be eligible.  The grants are awarded to applicants who meet our minimum academic and financial need requirements.  Five grants at $15,000, and five at $10,000 are awarded.  They are payable in equal semi-annual installments over four years providing the applicant meets our minimum academic standards.

     Finally, grants are awarded to attend a parochial grade school operated by a parish within the canonical jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, and/or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey.  To be eligible, the applicant must be in the 5th grade. The grants are awarded to applicants who meet our minimum academic and financial need requirements.  Four grants of $6,000 and four grants of $3,000 are awarded.  They are payable in equal semi-annual installments over three years providing the applicant meets our minimum academic standards.

     The first step in applying for a grants is the qualified (dues payer) parent or grandparent must complete our request form and return it to the Fund Office - P. O. Box 7005, Philadelphia, PA  19149-0005 - The forms will be accepted during the period 12/1/15 through 1/31/16.

2015 Scholarship Fund Recipients

     The Board of Trustees of the Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. met on April 16 and selected the following young men and women as the recipients of this year's grants.

College Grants

$25,000 Grants:

                          David Bartholomew - Roman Catholic HS - LaSalle University
                          Siobhan Grant - Little Flower HS - LaSalle University
                          Keira Farnan - Archbishop Ryan HS  - Holy Family University
                          Alicia Swallow - Little Flower HS - Holy Family University

     Ms. Grant chose not to accept the grant as she will attend Pennsylvania State University.  It was then offered to Alexis McDonnell, St. Hubert HS, who declined because she will attend Pennsylvania State University.  Next, it was offered to Ryan Shepherd, Archbishop Wood HS, who declined because he will attend Temple University.  Then it was offered to John Rogers, Highland Regional HS, NJ, who accepted and will attend Neumann University.

High School Grants

$15,000 Grants:

                         Timothy Brown - Our Lady of Port Richmond - Roman Catholic HS
                         Mary Darrah - St. Matthew - St. Hubert HS
                         Madison Burke - St. Matthew - Little Flower HS
                         Christopher Rola - Christ the King - Archbishop Ryan HS
                         Olivia Davis - Corpus Christi - Lansdale Catholic HS

$10,000 Grants:

                         Marissa Tankelewicz - Christ the King - St. Hubert HS
                         Sara Orlen - Mayfair Elementary - St. Hubert HS
                         Sophia Gerner - Bischop Schad - St. Joseph HS, Hammonton, NJ
                         Michael Steen - St. Jerome - Father Judge HS
                         Christopher Hrouda - St. Ephrem - Conwell-Egan HS

Grade School Grants

$6,000 Grants:

                       Peter Rola - Christ the King
                       Joseph Barrett - St. Cecilia
                       Elizabeth Brown - Our Lady of Port Richmond
                       Erin Whalen - St. Christopher

$3,000 Grants:

                       Paige McDonnell - Christ the King
                       Alexander Randolph - Our Lady of Good Counsel
                       Michael Zavatsky - St. Matthew
                       Brianna Coates - St. Dominic

86th Annual Communion Breakfast

     Stan Majkut, Class Rep for the Honor Class of 1989, served as Lector for the Memorial Mass concelebrated at ST. Martin of Tours.  As usual, Bill FitzPatrick, '59, did an admirable job as Cantor.  Father George Szparagowski, '89, was the Principal Celebrant and Homilist.

     Father Szparagowski at the Offertory.  He is joined by his fellow concelebrants (l. to r.) Fathers Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59, John Spellman, OSFS, '56, Joseph Muller, MSC, '49, and Kevin Nadolski, OSFS.

     A close-up of the front pew features John Hesdon, '57, Ed Cunningham (our Toastmaster, and John Gill, '81.

     In this shot our photographer captured the men from '50 to '52.

     Father Muller distributes Holy Communion to (on the right) the Kliniewski twins from the Class of '62 and John Malone, '47.  Prior to breakfast, President Jeff Brown, '79, conducts the annual general membership meeting.  After breakfast, our Toastmaster Ed Cunningham gets things rolling by introducing the people at the head table.

     Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59, delivered his customary short and to the point talk about the relationship between the Association and the Oblates.  Father Kevin Nadolski, OSFS, Director of Development and Communication for the Oblates Wilmington-Philadelphia Province expressed the gratitude of the Oblates for the ongoing generous support of the Association and its members.  Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, Chairman of the NECHS Hall of Fame committee explains the history of the Hall and introduces in order each of this year's inductees.  Jim Savage, '92, former wrestling coach at North and currently at Father Judge was the Athletics inductee.  Unable to attend, his award was accepted by one his proteges and current assistant coach, Rich Mascino, '04.

     Three members of the Class of '56 (l. to r.) Class Rep Jim Murphy, Father John Spellman, OSFS, and Rick Walsh joined Father Muller, MSC, '49 (far right) and his brother-in-law John Vogel, '48 (next to Father) and his family.  Tom Razzano, '65, the inductee in the field of Arts/Entertainment/Education addresses those in attendance.  Tom received the award for his work in the motion picture and TV industry as a writer, producer, and director.

     Tom's family and friends joined him for this auspicious occasion.  Our recipient in the field of Business/Labor/ Military was Cosmo DeNicola, '72.  He received the award for his work in the field of Tecnology.  He started and sold a number of businesses in this field.  Currently, he heads AmTech Software, is a part owner of the Phhiladelphia Soul Arena Football team, and Chairman of a Hollywood talent management firm.

     Father Joseph T. Muller, MSC, '49, delivers his acceptance speech.  Our inductee in the field of Religion/Science spent most of his priestly career as a missionary in Papua New Guinea.  Cosmo DeNicola's table was filled by his parents, wife and children.

   The Honorable Gerard A. Kosinski, '72, a judge on Philadelphia's Municipal Court, and a former state legislator was honored for Service to the community.  President Jeffrey W. Brown, '79, accepts a check for the Scholarship Fund and the Oblates from Class Rep Tom Morgan, '64, on behalf of the Class of '64 as a result of their Golden Anniversary Reunion.  Tom McAvoy, '59, presents a check for the Scholarship Fund as a result of the 55th Anniversary Reunion.

     President Brown delivers his annual "State of the Association" address.  Our principal speaker Sam Katz delighted and enthralled the audience with his history of the early Catholic church in Philadelphia.  President Brown presemnt our Outstanding Alumnus award to Kevin McCloskey, '05.  Kevin lost both legs in Afghanistan in 2008.  After 3 months in a coma and12 surgeries, with the help of a great network of family and friends, Kevin lives life to the fullest.  He is a bartender, speaks in schools, golfs in the nineties and will soon be married.  Kevin Thanked the Association for the honor and told a little of his recovery.

     Hall of Fame Committee Chairman Len Knobbs, '53 presents the award to Father Joseph T. Muller, MSC, '49 and Thomas A. Razzano, '65.

    Knobbs presents the award for Business/LaborMilitary to Cosmo T. DeNicola, '72.  Sam Katz accepts the Outstanding Achievement Award from President Jeff Brown.

     President Brown and Toastmaster Ed Cunningham pose for our photographer.  Knobbs presents the Hall of Fame Service Award to Gerard A. Kosinski, '72.

     Breakfast Speakers' Committee Chairman Sig Mikula, '83, and Ed Cunningham share a laugh.  Our Executive poses for posterity (front row l. to r.) 3rd VP Joe Pilawsky, '71, 2nd VP Jack Devine, '69, President Jeff Brown, '79, Chaplain Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59, 1st VP Jeff Rzepczynski, '88, and 4th VP Al Waskiewicz, '79; (back row l. to r.) 1st Ass't. Treasurer John Hanejko, '65, Historian Tom Morgan, '64, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, 2nd Ass't. Treasurer Bob Kensil, '74, and Ass't. Secretary. Steve Cardullo, '72.  As usual someone was missing.  This time it's Secretary Tom McAvoy, '59.

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St. Patrick's Day Parade and Party

     The bus is loaded and prepared to depart for our first appearance in the parade - in the forefront - Historian Tom Morgan, '64 and his sister Gina.  Three rows back on the left, President Jeff Brown, '79 and across from him Class John Peteraf, '74.  Third V. P. Joe Pilawsky, '71 (far right) with his brother-in-law, Ed Davis and nephew Sean Davis.

     Our marchers were enthusiastic and happy as we dutifully awaited our marching orders.  Steve Coyle, '63, Patty, James "Skip" O'Connell, '64, Ed McKenna, '63, and Frank Byrne, '65 are set to go.  Tom Morgan, '64, and his clan - daughters Rachel and Colleen, Morgan, Loretta, and Steve are all smiles despite the cold.

     Ed McKenna, Jr, daughter Eileen, and Grandpop, Ed, Sr., '63, all decked out in the North Catholic green as they await the starter's whistle.  Bob Kensil, '74, joined up with a few alums who marched with AOH Division 87.

     Bob Kensil, '74, Kathy Brown and President Jeff, '79, and Joe Pilwasky smilingly pose for our photographer.  Len Knobbs, '53, discusses the shellacking North gave West Catholic in 1952 with the Grand Knight of St. Patrick's in Malvern as Bob Kensil listens intently.

     Len Knobbs, '53, Sean Davis, and Bob Kensil, '74, lead the contingent as we step off in our first St. Patrick's Day parade.

     We march out Benjamin Franklin Parkway to a large number of "FABLIO's" and "GO FALCONS!"

     At the post parade party at the Philadelphia Fire Officers' Union Hall, Class Rep Jim Kelly, '70, and Vice Presidents Jack Devine, '69, and Joe Pilawsky, '71, are obviously enjoying themselves.  Our "Leprechaun" Sean Davis poses for posterity.

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2010 Graduation Ceremonies

     The Class of '10 enters Holy Innocents Church for the last Baccalaureate Mass for NECHS.

     Families and friends of graduates filled Holy Family University field house to overflowing.  The graduating class processes in under the watchful eye of Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, school president.

    Joining the Class of '10 in singing the Alma Mater are:  Father Robert Bazzoli, OSFS, '77 (Pastor of Our Mother of Consolation parish; Father Michael Murray, OSFS, former NECHS principal and president; Father John Fisher, OSFS, teacher at NECHS; Father Nicholas Waseline, OSFS, North's principal; Father James Greenfield, OSFS, Provincial of the Oblates' Wilmington-Philadelphia Province; Most Rev. Robert Maginnis, auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia; Father Vincent Smith, NECHS president; Michael McCall, '10, Valedictorian, and Robert Franco, '10, Salutatorian.

     Sadly, this was the last time the NECHS banner will fly over a graduation ceremony.

Class of '11

     The young men pictured above left: (1st row l. to r.) Robert Dunphy, Matthew Dugan, Thomas Goodyear, Dylan Marnoch, Raymond Kolakowski, (2nd row l. to r.) Jeremy Reith, Michael Negroni, Thaddeus Meyers, Patrick Bradley, and Andrew Mitchell returned to North on May 7, 2011 to celebrate their Senior Prom.  On the right the boys pose with their dates for posterity.

     Christopher Abramson, Jeremy Reith, Joseph Janda, Thomas McGowan, Ray Kolakowski, and Justin Zarzycki on the steps at their Alma Mater after their graduation from Judge on June 8, 2011.  These young men are eligible to join the Association and some already have.  We look forward to hearing from this year's graduates from other schools who spent at least one year at NECHS.

     Brendan Bradley, '11 (l.) and his best friend, Erik Crudele, '11, pose on the steps of NECHS which they specially decorated for their graduation pictures (albeit from Ryan).  As you can see they altered the marquee outside North to reflect their sentiments.

Closing Mass for Alumni

     On Sunday, June 6, 2010, the School and the Association combined to host a closing Mass and luncheon for alumni and friends of the school.  At the concelebrated Mass, Jeff Brown, '79, Association 1st Assistant Treasurer and Len Knobbs, '53, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, proclaimed the readings.

     Hank Stahl, '66, Association 2nd V. P., read the intercessions.  Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, '74, NECHS president delivered an inspiring homily.  After Mass, Association President John Hanejko, '65, welcomed the crowd and advised them that the Association would continue and would maintain all of the North traditions.

     Association Assistant Executive Secretary Ed White, '55, and 2nd Assistant Treasurer Joe Mulawka, '51, presented the gifts.  At the conclusion of Mass, the entire assemblage rose as one and sang the Alma Mater.

    Three classmates from '59 relax and enjoy the luncheon (l. to r.) Helen and Ed Alegado, Kathleen and Tom McAvoy, and Bill FitzPatrick.  Another table of alumni enjoying the afternoon.

     Someone got the bright idea of taking a photo of everyone on the front steps.  Needless to say by the time a ladder was found and the photo was snapped total chaos reigned.

     Keep this picture and the memories it invokes forever alive in your hearts and minds!




    Also enjoying the Brunch were the Kliniewski twins, Ron and Rob, both '62 and a lady friend.  A close-up of our fans seated at the 20 yard line.

     Relaxing at the Brunch were immediate past president Ed White, '55, Class Rep Joe Pilawsky, '71, and former Daily News reporter Frank Dougherty, '59.  Posing for our photographer were two members of the 1952 City Championship team - Bill Maher, '53, and Pete Gibbons, '53, who proudly displays the sweater awarded to team members.  He notes, with due pride, that he still fits into it.  Prior to kickoff Father Nicholas Waseline presented a framed NC jersey to the Pioneers Coach, Mike Capriotti, and the team captains..

     Taylor Rand proudly wearing Falcon red leads the crowd in the singing of our National Anthem.  To her right, our Chaplain, Father Neil Kilty, '59, who delivered the invocation.  Coach Charlie Szydlik rallies his team prior to kickoff.  And the game is underway - notice the gaps in the crowd on the Frankford side.

     Frankford scored first, near the end of the first quarter, on a 68-yard punt return by Taron Mills.  The try for the extra point was wide.  They scored again in the second period on a 16-yard run by Tyrell Martin and he ran for a two point conversion to put the Pioneers up 14-0.  That was the story of the first half.

     Falcon fans view the game from our version of a Super Box while in the stands we spot a smiling Joe Glackin, '73 with his family and friends.

    Attending the game from the Super Box were three outstanding alumni - Paul Hondros, '66, and brothers, John, '62, and Bob, '67, Doman.  The Falcon crowd is on its feet at halftime to sing the Alma Mater.

     The Falcons came out determined in the second half and marched down the field on a 16-play 70-yard drive that consumed eight minutes and thirty-four seconds capped by a 1-yard plunge by junior quarterback Anthony Reid.  John McCarthy's kick for the extra point was good and North trailed 14-7.

     Early in the fourth stanza, North scored on a 5-yard run by back-up sophomore tailback Taishan Tucker.  Then Coach Charlie Szydlik made a gutsy move and went for the lead and potential win in what to then had been a tight game.  The Pioneers stopped the attempt for a two-point conversions and led 14-13 with a little more than eight minutes on the clock.  Surprisingly, this turned out to be the most exciting eight minutes of Falcon - Pioneer football this writer has observed in sixty years of watching the games.

     After our defense forced a three and out, the offense took over once again.  Senior tailback Eugene Byrd broke loose on a 45 yard scamper that set up an eight yard TD pass from Reid to Julian Huggins and Reid carried it in for a two point conversion and the Falcons led for the first time with 2:28 left in the game.

     The Falcons stands anticipation of  victory was short lived.  A little over a minute later, Frankford running back Jeffione Thomas took off on an electrifying 55-yard cutback run to put the Pioneers ahead with 1:11 on the clock.  Then he ran it in for two points to put Frankford up by a point.  North was not to be outdone.  Frankford, for some unknown reason, made an on side kick which gave the Falcons the ball on their 38 yard line with 67 seconds remaining.  What happened next will go down in the annals of Philadelphia High School Football as both dramatic and historic.  Reid engineered a seven play drive that would have made some pro quarterbacks jealous.  Using the sidelines to march down field,  He ended the drive with a pass over the middle to tailback Eugene Byrd who took it in from twenty yards out.  McCarthy added the point and the Falcons were in front 28-22 with 13 seconds left.  The defense held true on Frankford's one play and that was all she wrote.

    As the game ended and players milled on the field, the crowd exploded from North's stands onto the field to congratulate the team who afterwards saluted the stands.

   And the crowd responded by standing and saluting the team and singing our Alma Mater.


   On Saturday, June 7, 2014, a mural of Petty Officer 1/C Michael J. Stange, '04, was dedicated at Belgrade & Clearfield Streets.  Michael, a member of the prestigious Seal Team Six, was killed in Wardak Province, Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.  The morning gegan with a Memorial Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Fishtown celebrated by the pastor, Father Michael Zingaro.  The family was ecorted from the church to the dedication site by a motorcycle escort bearing our flag and led by the Philadelphia Fire Department's Engine 28 and Ladder 16.  The invocation was delivered by our Chaplain, Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59.

   Among the speakers were U. S. Congressman Bob Brady, State Representative John Taylor, '73, and Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon, '87.

    The chairman of the event, Tom Hanson (son of Mike, '52) spoke of the many people involved who donated their time and talent to create the mural.  Mike's Dad, Charlie, spoke eloquently of his son and his love of his family, friends, North Catholic , and his country.


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