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The Third Decade

Eighty Plus Years in the Making!

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Hall of Fame

In the Beginning....The Second Decade 1940-1949

The history of these years is taken from our 75th Anniversary History published in 2004

Glen Gray and his Casa Loma orchestra...the Alumni Association has finally gone big time. On January 12, 1940, this nationally known band provides the music for the Winter Dance at the Broadwood Hotel. The attendance at the dance is beyond our expectations. It's our big night, the alumni resplendent in their rented tuxedos are only outshone by their magnificently gowned companions.

For the second year in succession, more than seven hundred attend the annual Mass and Communion Breakfast held on January 28th. Mass is celebrated by Father John Tye, '29, and the sermon is delivered by Father Thomas (Scotty) McKay, '30.

"Doc" Robinson, '29, is elected to his third term as President. "Swede" Mallon, '29, and Jimmy McGuire, '34, switch their vice-presidential positions. Bill Laffey, '36, succeeds Paul Kelly, '34, as Secretary; as Kelly and Ray Koscinski, '33, are elected Assistant Secretaries. Tom Mackell, '36, is named Treasurer with Bill Goldschmidt, '34, and Ed Hooten, '36, as assistants.

Attendance at this year's Malvern Retreat increases to seventy-two and Robinson looks forward to the day when the Association will fill the Retreat House. Once again, inclement weather plagues the retreatants.

In his May, 1940, column in the Falconer, Bill Robinson seeks the membership's reaction to the proposed changes in the Constitution. Among the more important he lists; elections being held independent of the Breakfast, approximately six weeks prior; that the President be a former member of the Board of Governors (not necessarily the incumbent Board but of any that had held office since the Association was founded). And finally, a new method of elections wherein the body would elect the President and the remaining eight members of the Board without specifying their office. The eight would then elect from among themselves the individual officer positions.

Father Francis X. O'Donnell, a member of the Class of '29, is appointed alumni moderator to succeed Father Quinn at the conclusion of the school year. This is another first for the Association...a graduate being named moderator. This practice continues throughout the remainder of our history.

On the athletic scene, Francis Xavier Reagan, Class of 1937, currently an undergraduate at Penn, is creating a name for himself. North Catholic's first recipient of All-America honors, his gridiron duels with the great Tommy Harmon, of Michigan, are becoming legendary.

Following the success of last year's Winter Dance, Bill Laffey, '36, as chairman, has booked the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra for January 17th at Town Hall. George Sommer, '36, and his band will play during intermissions. With continuous music from ten to four, this has the makings of the most ambitious social program the Association has ever staged.

Our world famous cartoonist, Bil Keane, '40, enters the alumni ranks. Bil is best known as the artist of "Family Circus" and "Channel Chuckles." He originated "Silly Philly" in the Bulletin in the early fifties. Lest you think we've misspelled his name, he informs us his father knocked the "L" out of him for practicing his artistry on the walls of their home. Bil will also be long remembered for his outstanding job as toastmaster at the dinner marking the 50th Anniversary of the school in 1976.

"Doc" Robinson delivers his address as Alumni President to the general body at the meeting following the Communion Breakfast on January 26, 1941. In his remarks, he emphasizes the importance of adopting the completely revised Constitution that the Board has spent long hours drafting over the past year.

New Constitution

Under the new constitution, the membership decides to return Bill Robinson, '29, to office. Named to assist him are Vice-Presidents Jim McGuire, '34, and John Mallon, '29. After an absence of one year, Bill Goldschmidt, '34, is reelected Treasurer...likewise Paul Kelly, '34, as Secretary. Assisting Kelly are Ed Hennessey '36, and Ray Koscinski, '33; and Goldschmidt's assistants are Joe Fehrenbach, '29, and John "Buzz" Howlett, '36.

President Robinson, in his dual capacity of Retreat Captain, leads approximately 100 men to St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills on the weekend of February 28th.

Anchoring the left side of Temple's line this fall are guard, Bill Boyd, '38, tackle, Frank "Bucko" Kilroy, '39, and end, Frank Ford. '38. Kilroy later went on to star as a defensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles and served for many years as the general manager of the New England Patriots.

Another well known name from this era is Jack Whitaker, '41. Whitaker, currently CBS vice-president for sports and prominent TV sportscaster, was for many years a local sportscaster on WCAU's Channel 10.

DECEMBER 7, 1941...a day of infamy.

And it doesn't take long for the impact to hit home. On December 13, 1941, our first son falls in battle. Corporal Edward F. Heard, '33, is killed in defense of Fort Stotensburg, in the Philippine Islands. Details concerning his death are unknown. Ed is buried in the U.S. Military Cemetery at Fort McKinley in Manila.

What should have been a jubilant affair, the Winter Dance on January 9, 1942, is dimmed by the realization that many of the young men present will soon be on foreign battlefields.

The music at Town Hall is provided by the Bob Chester and George Sommer orchestras, from nine to three. This is the last of these formal affairs for years to come.

Due to the length of previous elections and the changes in the world around us, this year nominations are, for the first time, held prior to the Communion Breakfast Mass and the election, after. Another first is the election, as president, of a man who has previously held that office...James J. McGuire, '34. Elected with McGuire are Paul Kelly, '34, as First Vice-President and Jack Mallon, '29, as Second Vice-President. Kelly is to succeed to the presidency within six months when Jim McGuire enters the Oblate Novitiate. Henry Bukowski, '31, long time Falconer editor, is named Secretary and R. Henry Seelaus, '38, is named Treasurer. Assistant Secretaries are two members of the Class of '34 - Thomas Murray and Bill Goldschmidt; while Dave Reardon, '38, and Ed McDonald, '36, fill the remaining two seats on the Board.

The mood at the Breakfast is somber. The Mass has been dedicated to the memory of Ed Heard and another fallen comrade, Tom Jardel, '39.

The Malvern Retreat this year is dedicated to the memory of our fallen brothers and for the safe return of the hundreds of our brothers serving in the Armed Forces. Bill Robinson, '29, resigns as C.A. Captain. Co-Captains Jim Farley, '33, and Bill Cahill, '34, are named to succeed him.

Many changes occur in the make-up of the Board during the year, primarily due to members leaving to join the Armed Forces. This is an action that is to be repeated over and over again during the next three years.

Mainstays during the next three years are Paul Kelly, '34, President; Treasurer Henry Bukowski, '31; Secretary Ed McDonald, '36; and Vice-Presidents Bernie Bygott, '34, and Franny Murray, '39.

Board Members

Other members who serve on the Board at various times during this dark period of our history are Jack Mallon, '29, Stan Adamczyk, '33, "Chick" Quinn, '36, John Colman, '40 (later a Vincentian priest), John Hooten, '34, Frank Fitzpatrick, '36, Joe Hoefling, '31, and Dick McGrath, '39. Because of a shortage of paper during the war years, the Falconer is discontinued. However, newsletters, the main topic of which is the Communion Breakfast and the Malvern Retreat, are mailed to all members.

With the graduation of the Class of '42, the alumni now numbers over 5,000. Record keeping is becoming increasingly more difficult. At this point, thanks to the grace of God, there appears on the scene a kindly and saintly priest who, for the next decade, is to devote most of his spare hours to this task. This Association owes a deep debt of gratitude, for his unselfish devotion to the Association, to Father Joseph Eisenbarth, OSFS, Hon '55.

During the War, most of our graduates wear the uniform of their country. Sadly, we experience the loss of one hundred and ninety-nine of these men - our records indicate this figure. Among these are Sergeant John J. McVeigh, '39, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions of 29 August 1944 with the 2nd Infantry Division near Brest, France; and Navy Lieutenant Andrew J. Frosch, '34, winner of the Navy Cross, who went down with the USS Monssen on 13 November 1942, during the battle of the Solomon Islands.

Also, Corporal Thomas F. Kelly, '37, who was awarded France's highest honor, the Croix deGuerre, killed in action on 16 October 1944; and the highest-ranking alumnus to be killed, Major Charles P. Loeper, '32, winner of the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions on 8 February 1945 at Nichols Field, Manila.

For these, and all our valiant brothers killed in action, we pray for the happy repose of their souls.

January, 1946...Our veterans have returned and things are gradually getting back to normal. At the Communion Breakfast and General Meeting, Paul Kelly, '34, is returned to office for a fourth term and upon completion of that term will have served in that office longer than any man in our history to that time. And in our most trying period, we might add.

Elected to serve with Kelly are Vice-Presidents Bernie Bygott, '34, and new-comer and popular band leader George W. Sommer, '36. Bukowski continues as Treasurer and Dick McGrath, '39, assumes the duties of Secretary. Named as Assistant Secretaries are Ed Hennessey, '36, and Ed Sizer, '36; while Bukowski's helpers are John Hooten, '34, and Henry Seelaus, '38.


The Annual Winter Formal, under the guidance of Bukowski and Sommer, has been reinstituted. It is held at the Ben Franklin Hotel on the evening of Friday, January 17th. Our budding impres-sarios have contracted the Glenn Miller Band, under the direction of Tex Beneke, to provide the music. A feature of the affair is the presentation of a free ticket to anyone selling ten or more. Price $5.50 per couple to January 13; $6.50, thereafter...Inflation!

An important event takes place at the January 26th Breakfast...the configuration of the Board is altered to include two representatives from each Class.

George W. Sommer is elected the eighth President of the Association and in his inaugural address; told the assembly "to get ready for a whirlwind year."

At their first meeting, the new Board names the following officers: Vice-Presidents: Bernie Bygott, '34, and Dick McGrath, '39; Secretary - "Chick" Quinn, '36; Treasurer - Henny Bukowski, '31; Assistant Secretaries: Franny Murray, '39, and Joe Sizer, '41; Assistant Treasurers: John Smollen, '35, and Bob VanStone, '44.

One of the first duties of the new Board is to face the furor of the many alumni who had purchased tickets to the Winter Dance and were unable to gain entrance. The Ben Franklin had overflowed its capacity. The Fire Marshall was furious and threatened to close down the operation.

In order to save face, the Association purchases half-page ads in both local newspapers to apologize to their members and friends...but the damage has been done. The Spring Dance, featuring the Vaughan Monroe Orchestra, is a financial disaster ... to the extent that it nearly wipes out our treasury and puts us out of business for good.

Bernard Bygott, '34, assumes the duties of C.A. Captain and leads 150 men to Malvern on our annual retreat.

At the February 5th meeting of the Board, Jim Farley, '33, advances the thought that a memorial field house be constructed for the school in honor of our war dead. On February 20th, Farley informs the Board that a bronze plaque commemorating our brothers killed in action would cost approximately $215.

Farley reports a week later that further investigation indicates the plaque will cost approximately $860. John King, '35, proposes raising $20,000 through a subscription drive of all alumni. The money will be used to erect the War Memorial Field House. Each grad will be asked to subscribe $5.00 and the Drive will open April 25th. The plan is seconded and approved unanimously.

The Board approves Father Eisenbarth's suggestion that we establish an alumni office in the rear portion of Room 319 in the school. It will be manned by a two-man clerical force in the evening hours from Monday to Thursday.

Memorial Proposed

On March 26th, after discussing the field house idea with Father Smith, Farley proposes building the field house on campus. It would be of similar construction to existing buildings, two stories high and approximately sixty feet in length and forty feet wide. The committee is given an appropriation of $250.00 to underwrite initial architectural fees. A formal letter is sent to Cardinal Dougherty requesting permission to build the War Memorial Field house.

Throughout the next six months, Farley and his committee meet with architect George ldell concerning the plans for the field house. On September 15, the plans are presented to the Cardinal; and Father Reilly from Chancellory investigates the site and forwards his report to the Cardinal.

May 14th...Jim Scanlon, '30, reports on the progress of the Constitutional Revision Committee. Much time and debate center around the provision dealing with the election of officers and class representatives.

Father George H. Godley, a member of the Class of 1931, succeeds Father O'Donnell as Moderator.

The Annual Fall Dance is held at the Broadwood on October 3rd featuring Les Elgart and his band.

A General Meeting of the Association is called for the evening of October 17, 1947, at the school. The purpose of the meeting is to ratify the new Constitution and By-Laws. Admission is by presentation of either a valid 1947 or 1948 membership card.

The debate waxes hot and heavy but in the end the Constitution and By-Laws are ratified with but minor changes in form from the way they are presented by the committee.

The Communion Breakfast is changed to November 16th in an attempt to balance the Association's calendar of activities. Bernie Bygott, '34, is elected President.

At the first meeting of the new Board, John Mallon, '29, and Jim Farley, '33, are named vice-presidents, with "Chick" Quinn, '36, retaining his Secretarial post. Vince Bee, '35, is elected Treasurer. Assistants for Quinn are Frank Gormley, '38, and Fran Murray, '39; while John Simons, '34, and Mike O'Hanlon, '31, become the Assistant Treasurers.

With true "Falcon" spirit, one hundred seventy-one brave the dense fog to journey to St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills for our annual retreat on the weekend of February 13th.

At the April 13th meeting, on a motion by Jim Remy, '29, seconded by Frank Kling, '42, a special Board is established to act as an advisory council to the Board of Governors. The Board will consist of all past-presidents; and a further motion by Ray MacWilliams, '46 and Frank McGee, '45, exempts them from payment of dues. This has the effect of making them life members.

The Board agrees to join with Roman Catholic Alumni Association in their Cahill Field Chance drawing. This is to be the major source of revenue for the Association for years to come.

The Spring Dance at the Philadelphia Rifle Club on May 14th proves to be more of a social success than a financial one.

Father Godley is transferred to Lockport, N.Y. and Father Fernan J. Brennan, '32, begins a twelve-year tenure as Alumni Moderator.

Plans for the War Memorial are at a standstill. The prime mover, Farley, has resigned from the Board and Dick McGrath, '39, assumes his post of 2nd Vice-President.

At the 1948 Olympics, held in London, North Catholic Alumni are represented by world-champion breaststroker Joe Verdeur, '44, oarsman Jack Trinsey, '47, and soccer standout Benny McLaughlin, '46. Verdeur wins a gold medal.

These men are honored at the Communion Breakfast held on November 14th. Bygott is reelected to a second term. At a meeting of the Board following the Breakfast, Charles Quinn, '36, and Vince Bee, '35, are returned to office as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, as is Dick McGrath to the 2nd Vice-Presidency. "Jake" Simons, '34, is named 1st Vice-President; with Frank Gormley, '38, as Assistant Secretary; and Fran Murray, '39, as Assistant Treasurer.

After extensive study, the War Memorial Committee reaches a decision. A shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima will be erected on campus. The site will be on the school side of the driveway that separates the Chapel from the school.

The shrine will consist of a group of life-sized statues of Our Lady and the three Portugese children; and a plaque listing the names of our war dead.

Due to the accommodations at Malvern being increased, attendance at the February 18th weekend jumps to 210.

After an absence of two years, the Spring Formal is reinstated. The Broadwood Hotel is the scene for George Sommer's music. Unfortunately, we suffer another financial loss and the Board decides that future dances should be held on a smaller scale.

Shrine Dedicated

June 5, 1949...At long last our War Memorial is a reality. Today, the Most Rev. Henry J. Thuneman, OSFS, Apostolic Vicar of Keimoes, Namaqualand, South Africa, blessed the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. The Rev. Gerald V. McDevitt, pastor of St. Stephen's Parish, delivers the sermon. Father McDevitt will later become an auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia.

Many alumni, as well as relatives and friends of those honored on the plaque, are present. The school band provides a musical interlude and the colors are raised, for the first time, over the Shrine.

With the graduation of the Class of '49, our membership now totals over 10,000.

Proceedings at the Alumni Communion Breakfast on November 27th are supervised for the first time by the popular and comical "Mickey" Shaughnessy. Honorary memberships are conferred on Ken Loeffler, LaSalle basketball coach; John "Ox" DaGrosa, chairman of the state athletic commission; and Shaughnessy.

Another alumni first is created as WFIL-TV records the goings-on for its television newsreel presentation of the following day. Our largest crowd to date, eight hundred and seventy-five is in attendance.

Charles J. "Chick" Quinn, '36, is elected to the presidency. Immediate Past-President Bernie Bygott, '34, is named First Vice-President and the second vice-presidency goes to Tom Cavanaugh, '31. Vince Bee, '35, retains the treasurer's post and Frank McGee, '45, will assist him. Paul D. Quinn, '36, is elected Secretary, a position he will hold, with but two exceptions, for the next forty-nine years. John Donnelly, '40, is named Assistant Secretary.


Father John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipients

This award, created by the Board of Governors and first presented in 1960, was renamed to honor Father Tye in 1976.

Father Tye
Alumni Moderator
June, 1960 - April, 1973

     Captain (Chaplain) John B. Tye, USA, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in connection with combat operations against the enemy with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (Luzon, Phillipines) during World War II.
General Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division, General Order No. 50 (1945).

     The men below have received this award in recognition of their exemplary dedication and service to the ideals and purpose of the Alumni Association.

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan, OSFS, '32

Bernard F. Bygott, '34

"Mickey" Shaughnessy, Hon., '49

Joseph E. McKeown, '33

Paul D. Quinn, '36

Most Rev. William J. Ward, OSFS, '32

Rev. Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS,
Hon., '55

Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

Edward J. Guinan, '37

Charles J. Quinn, '36

Rev. Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34

Edward J. Ganister, '32

Bil Keane, '40

Paul J. Kelly, '34

Most Rev. Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS, '30

William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34

William M. Nesbitt, '59

Thomas P. Casey, '31

Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

Thomas W. Kelly, '50

Rev. Thomas P. Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66

John T. Musial, '63

Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

Francis J. Gleason, '53

John R. Hanejko, '65

Rev. Robert P. Hanlon, OSFS, '43

Francis J. Dunleavy, '32

Rev. Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74

Lawrence A. Dolan, '37

James P. Scanlon, '30

Francis J. Devinney, '42

Nicholas A. Giordano, '61

Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53

Patrick J. Boyle, '49

Rev. Neil F. Kilty, OSFS, '59

James W. Bollendorf, '73

Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

Kevin McCloskey, '05

Joseph J. Mackin, '40


Association Presidents


Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

June 10, 1929 -
January 14, 1931


Frank T. McKee, '29

January 14, 1931 -
January 20, 1935


John W. Brecht, '30

January 20, 1935 -
December 27, 1936


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

December 27, 1936 -
December 26, 1937


William P. Robinson, MD, '29

December 26, 1937 -
January 25, 1942


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

January 25, 1942 -
July 6, 1942


Paul J. Kelly, '34

July 6, 1942 -
January 26, 1947


George W. Sommer, '36

January 26, 1947 -
December 16, 1947


Bernard F. Bygott, '34

December 16, 1947 -
November 27, 1949


Charles J. Quinn, '36

November 27, 1949 -
June 10, 1954


Hon. Joseph T. Murphy, '29

June 10, 1954 -
June 13, 1957


James E. Fitzgerald, '42

June 13, 1957 -
June 9, 1960


Charles E. Malone, '30

June 9, 1960 -
June 8, 1961


James J. Cox, Jr., '36

June 8, 1961 -
June 13, 1963


Patrick J. Boyle, '49

June 13, 1963 -
June 9, 1966


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 9, 1966 -
June 12, 1969


Rocco G. Iacone, '55

June 12, 1969 -
June 11, 1970


J. William Arnoldy, '38

June 11, 1970 -
June 14, 1973


Francis J. Gleason, '53

June 14, 1973 -
June 10, 1976


Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57

June 10, 1976 -
June 9, 1977


Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

June 9, 1977 -
June 12, 1980


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 12, 1980 -
June 9, 1983


John T. Musial, '63

June 9, 1983 -
June 30, 1986


John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 1986 -
June 30, 1989


Thomas P. Morgan, '64

July 1, 1989 -
June 30, 1992


Francis J. Gleason, '53

July 1, 1992 -
June 30, 1995


James W. Bollendorf, '73

July 1, 1995 -
June 30, 1997


Stephen A. Cardullo, '72

July 1, 1997 -
June 30, 2000


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2000 -
June 30, 2003


Anthony J. Colletta, '72

July 1, 2003 -
June 30, 2006


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2006 -
June 30, 2009

John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 2009 -
June 30, 2012

John T. Musial, '63

July 1, 2012 -
June 30, 2013



Jeffrey W. Brown, '79

July 1, 2013 -
June 30, 2016


Albert P. Waskiewicz, '79

July 1, 2016 -

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Class Representatives

     In our eighty-nine years, almost one thousand men have served on our Board of Governors.  Some have served as little as one month while others have performed dedicated service for many years.  We would like to recognize the thirty one Class Representatives who served for twenty five years or longer.

     Patrick J. Boyle, '49 - November, 1954 - Present
     Leonard F. Knobbs, '53 - November, 1956 - Present
    Francis J. Devinney, '42 - November, 1950 to November, 1951; January, 1954 to September, 2011.
    Richard C. McGrath, '39 - July, 1943 to November, 1951; November, 1952 to November, 1957; November, 1958 to November, 1977; March, 1978 to February, 1998.  Deceased March 24, 2003.
John F. Handley, '58 - March, 1967 - Present
     Paul D. Quinn, '36 - November, 1948 to September, 2000.  Deceased October 20, 2002.

     John T. Musial, '63 - January, 1966 to September, 1990; September, 1992 to Present

     Raymond E. Rysak, '66 - March, 1969 - Present
     John S. Boyle, '39 - November, 1961 - September, 2008.  Deceased January 30, 2012.
     Stephen A. Cardullo, '72 - September, 1972 - Present
     William J. McCormac, '61 - March, 1969 to March, 2011, September, 2011 - September, 2013.
Joseph E. McKeown, '33 - November, 1950 to January, 1951; November, 1953 to September, 1996.  Deceased September 29, 1996
Lawrence A. Dolan, '37 - November, 1948 to September, 1957; November, 1957 to May, 1958; March, 1973 to October, 2005.  Deceased October 30, 2005.
     Robert J. Fuessinger, '48 - November, 1952 to September, 1993.  Deceased August 15, 2006.
    John R. Hanejko, '65 - November, 1978 - Present
     Francis J. Gleason, '53 - November, 1960 to September, 2000.  Deceased September 10, 2000.
    Joseph J. Mackin, '40 - November, 1947 to October, 1959; November, 1962 to March, 1972; March, 1977 to June, 1995.  Deceased June 23, 1995.

    J. William Arnoldy, '38 - January, 1964 to August, 1998.  Deceased August 15, 1998.
   Bernard J. McGuire, '50 - November, 1952 to November, 1958; January, 1959 to September, 1972; October, 1972 to November, 1975; March, 1976 to June, 1985; September, 1985 to February, 1986.  Deceased August 5, 1987.    
Joseph P. Brennan, Jr., '69 - March, 1977 to October, 2006; September, 2008 - May, 2011.
Edward J. Ganister, '32 - March, 1967 to January, 1999.  Deceased January 3, 1999.    

Anthony J. Colletta, '72 - March, 1973 to February, 1985; April, 1989 to November, 2008.  Deceased November 19, 2011.   
    Michael A. Donofrio, '47 - November, 1955 to October, 1965; January, 1966 to February, 1967; March, 1967 to September, 1967; September, 1989 to July, 2009.  Deceased July 5, 2009.
    Thomas M. Cleary, '47 - January, 1965 to February, 1996.  Deceased January 18, 2001.

Robert E. Kennedy, '54 - September, 1984 to February, 1994; May, 1994 - April, 2015.
     Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88 - November, 1988  - Present.
     Edmund A. Markowski, Jr., '56 - September, 1977 to September, 1992; September, 1994 to September, 2009.

     William M. FitzPatrick, '59 - September, 1986 - August, 2015.  Deceased August 15, 2015.
    Louis J. Peters, '31 - December, 1964 to September, 1992.  Deceased December 31, 1993.
     Joseph T. Mulawka, '51 - December, 1987 to April, 2014
.  Deceased April 10, 2014.
William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34 - January, 1965 to November, 1990.  Deceased November 26, 1990.

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Rev. George A. Mahoney, OSFS, Hon. '34

June 10, 1929 -
September 1, 1932

Rev. William A. Stahl, OSFS,
Hon. '34

September 1, 1932 -
June 30, 1934

Rev. Harry J. Quinn, OSFS,
Hon., '35

June 30, 1934 -
June 30, 1940

Rev. Francis X. O'Donnell,
OSFS, '29

June 30, 1940 -
June 30, 1947

Rev. George A. Godley,
 OSFS, '31

June 30, 1947 -
June 30, 1948

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan,
OSFS, '32

June 30, 1948 -
June 30, 1960

Rev. John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

June 30, 1960 -
April 1, 1973

Rev. John J. Green, OSFS, '35

April 1, 1973 -
January 30, 1974

Rev. Francis X. Quaile, OSFS, '35

January 30, 1974 -
June 30, 1974

Rev. James J. Behan, OSFS, '62

June 30, 1974 -
September 1, 1976

Rev. Edward J. Simons,
OSFS, '34

September 1, 1976 -
December 31, 1999

Rev. Neil F. Kilty. OSFS, '59

December 31, 1999 -

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V. + J.


Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it, these suffered all, sacrificed all, dared and died.

(Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery)

     These men, our brothers, gave their lives in defense of their country in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan.  Please remember them in your prayers.



Lawrence C. Hoelzle
Joseph T. Walsh


Nicholas P. Kavanagh
Joseph P. Mahoney
Joseph L. Rabenstein


William J. Connell
Leo P. Hassett
Charles P. Loeper
Joseph F. Stutz


Edward J. Coleman
Samuel J. Dunbar
Joseph S. Fiala
Joseph A. Gogoj
James F. Harkins
Edward F. Heard
Robert E. McCarthy
Aloysius A. Monaghan


Joseph F. Carr
Andrew J. Frosch
Edward J. Galloway
William J. MacElderry
John J. McCann
Joseph V. Murray
Thomas H. Murray
Walter J. Robinson
George L. Smith


Thomas A. Byrne
Edward B. Drueding
John A. Farrell
Albert P. Foley
John J. Gray
Anthony F. Matthews
Leonard J. McGee
Nelson A. Reed
Hugh T. Shellem


John A. Anderson
Richard J. Burns
Thomas J. Cassidy
John J. Dooner
Joseph T. Dwyer
John W. Farrell
Harold Garman
Thomas J. Hobson
Edward E. Houseman
John R. Kelley
Robert J. Kelley
John F. Lawlor
Michael J. Marley
John B. McCann
Vincent J. McElroy
George A. McGee
William J. Newis
James O'Rourke
Herman P. Winterer


William J. Casey
Thomas F. Kelly
James Litz
James McConnell
Joseph A. Minnichbach
Lawrence W. Minnick
Andrew C. O'Keefe
Joseph K. Seiler
Edward C. Sekula
Joseph W. Shedaker
Raymond J. Slazas
Vincent K. Snyder
Albert J. Spanier


Albert Appel
Edward J. Coleman
James V. Derbyshire
John D. Duffy
Thomas F. Fenerty
Edmund J. Gaffney
Joseph M. Garlick
Gerald F. Gowen
John Mallen
James J. McGinnis
Philip J. Razler
James E. Saul
John C. Schmieder
Francis J. Strenger
Martin E. Wagner
Alfred A. Zajac
Walter J. Zarada


William L. Cobb
Raymond W. Devlin
Alfred F. Dougherty
Stephen A.Ganiszewski
John Gibbons
Charles D. Gibson
Daniel J. Grant
Henry L. Grathwohl
Thomas E. Jardel
Edward F. Kent
George Kuhn
Warren Lane
Charles T. Lewis
William F. Lynch
Leo E. Markey
John J. McNulty
John J. McVeigh
Edward J. Phillips
William T. Urban
John J. White



William H. Becker
John J. Delaney
John B. Gilkey
Raymond E. Gruber
Lawrence Lanahan
Philip T. Lehman
Edward Litwin
Eugene P. Magee
Robert McAuliffe
Francis X. McKenna
Charles J. McLinden
Charles J. McVey
Horace J. Murphy
Robert J. Reilly
Francis G. Rudolph
George J. Whalen
James A. White


Paul A. Becker
John F. Clinch
James J. Coffey
Joseph J. Daley
John J. Davis
Edward J. Dooner
Joseph A. Finley
Francis J. Fitzpatrick
Paul R. Foley
Francis J. Gillespie
Eugene T. Gladkowski
James J. Hanlon
Charles W. Lockwood
William F. Matthews
John M. McCann
Frank J. McDonnell
Hugh J. McFadden
Henry T. McMahon
John F. McNally
Charles A. Nessel
Louis B. Rieffel
Anthony J. Rosowski
William H. Schenkel
Anthony T. Serravalli
John D. Sykes
James J. Turner
Maurice L. VanZandt


Harry J. Bell
Raymond J. Broderick
Henry E. Dempski
Norman DeProbert
John A. Donahue
Ralph J. Dooley
Stephen F. Halner
William G. Hare
Charles X. Kuntz
Robert J. Lautenbach
Raymond A. Makin
John G. McBride
Henry P. McCann
Joseph H. McCann
James J. McVey
James P. Mellon
Carmen V. Olivet
Gerald J. O'Neill
Leo J. Reilly
Arthur J. Roit
Joseph F. Rossetti
John J. Rowan
John M. Rutter
James M. Ryan
Ernest E. Schmidt
John J. Stevenson
Raymond J. Trost
Donald M. Woods


Richard E. Bagnor
Anthony T. Cassese
Thomas J. Eck
Charles H. Fox
Francis A. Glanzmann
James F. Gormley
John J. Hannigan
Joseph F. Hendron
Leonard P. Kolodziejski
Joseph McDevitt
Thomas W. Phillips
John T. Stevenson


James B. Boyle
William J. Conley
Charles W. Coyle
William J. DeLaurentis
Patrick J. Dever
Aloysius F. Dougherty
William E. Hagerty


Robert Melhuish
Emmett J. Ryan
George A. Steigerwald


Francis J. Davenport




William J. Brennan


Charles M. Klein


William T. Gould
Harry B. Loy



Robert B. Appel


Frank A. Johnson
Thomas J. Schimpf


Maurice T. Cleary
Charles D. Hogue


Robert J. Evans


John F. McGovern


Daniel C. Bianco
Joseph M. Lynch
Joseph J. Sweeney


Bernard F. Sevier


William J. Brennan
Joseph S. Oaks
Christian J. Spoerl
John W. Toland
E. George West


Stanley A. Gogoj
John L. Sullivan
Stephen C. Walter


James R. Grove
Joseph J. Leszczynski
Charles T. Tait
Charles P. Schwind


John F. Dunne



James F. McCafferty


William P. Coll
Joseph M. Gorman


Joseph J. Crawford


Ronald D. Briggs
William D. McCuen
George D. Speece
Robert V. Stever


William A. Kuprevich
Leonard S. Pelullo


Richard J. Conlin
Michael P. Rymarczuk


Joseph J. Nitka
Louis W. Potempa
William M. Riley
Albert C. Wall, Jr.


Lawrence A. Branigan
Anthony J. Metzger
Joseph T. Monaghan
Thomas F. Nilan
George J. Reed, Jr.
Joseph F. Schimpf
Patrick J. Thiroway, Jr.


Anthony F. Citrigno
Edward J. Kapusta
Robert T. Koehler


Dennis Donovan
William T. Findlay


John R. Feeser




Michael J. Strange


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Sergeant John J. McVeigh, '39

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Outstanding Achievement Award

     This award was created in 1960 to honor a non-alumnus individual or organization who made a significant contribution in a given field.  It is presented at our annual Communion Breakfast.


Congresswoman Kathryn M. Granahan
Donald Barnhouse, WCAU-TV News
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U. S. Senator Hugh Scott
Philadelphia Police Captain Clarence Ferguson
Vince Leonard, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg
Philadelphia District Attorney Arlen Specter
Rolfe Neill, Editor, Philadelphia Daily News
Richard Sprague, Esq., Special Prosecutor
Barney Morris, WCAU-TV News
Tom Fox, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
U. S. Attorney David Marston, Esq.
U. S. Senator Joseph Biden
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Joseph O'Neill
Larry Kane, WCAU-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice James T. McDermott
U. S. Senator John Heinz
Pat Polillo, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert N. C. Nix, Jr.
Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald D. Castille
Congressman Robert Borski
Philadelphia Councilman W. Thatcher Longstreth
Thomas Brookshier, CBS Sportscaster
Brother Patrick Ellis, FSC, LaSalle University President
Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey
U. S. Armed Forces - Operation Desert Storm
Bill "Speedy" Morris, LaSalle University Basketball Coach
Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham
Walt Hunter, KYW-TV News
Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel
Philadelphia Councilwoman Joan Krajewski
David R. Boldt, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
Ray Didinger, Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Columnist
Marc Howard, Channel 6-TV News
Philadelphia Police Commissioner John F. Timoney
Michael Smerconish, Esq., Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vicar for Education Dr. Richard McCarron, Jr.
Bill Campbell, Sports Broadcaster and Columnist
Former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker
Former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale
U. S. Attorney Patrick Meehan, Esq.
Don Tollefson, Sports Broadcaster
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery
Oblates of St. Francis deSales
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey
Frank Fitzpatrick, Inquirer Sports Columnist
Dom Giordano, WPHT Radio Talk Show Host
Vai Sikahema, NBC10 Sports Director
Sam Katz, Film & TV Documentarian
Matt Rhule, Temple University Football Coach
Former U. S. Congressman Michael G. Fitzpatrick
C. R. "Chuck" Pennoni, Chairman Pennoni Associates
Christine Flowers, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

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Hall of Fame

     Created by the School and the Association in 1989 to honor individuals that had brought fame and distinction to the school and themselves by their actions in certain disciplines.  Until school closed the inductees were honored at ceremonies held at NECHS.  Since 2010, the recipients are inducted at the Association's Communion Breakfast.  A select committee consisting of the President, Executive Secretary, and Chaplain of the Association, along with four members - two from the Board of Governors and two active members of the Association - appointed by the President review the nominations submitted by the public and make the final decision.






Service to NECHS/

1989 Bil
Keane, '40
John H.
Mallon, '29
Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32 M. Rev. Edward J.
Schlotterback, OSFS, '30
Robert A.
Crout, '58
1990 John F.
Whitaker, '41
Francis X.
Reagan, '37
Wendell W.
Young III, '56
Albert E.
Welsh, MD, '32
Joseph F.
Kilroy, '65
1991 Vincent J.
Trombetta, '58
Joseph T.
Verdeur, '44
Joseph J. Donahue, '31 Thomas J.
Cullen, '69
Leonard F.
Knobbs, '53
1992 Jay J.
Dugan, '36
Frank J.
Hoerst, '35
Peter P.
Gallagher, '37
Rev. Edward J.
Simons, OSFS, '34
Joseph C.
McCloskey, '37
1993 George W.
Sommer, '36
Frank J. "Bucko"
Kilroy, '39
John J.
McVeigh, '39
John D.
Mahan, '69
Joseph E. McKeown, '33
1994 William P.
Plumley, '54
John J.
Gillespie, '35
Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Kelly, USA, '50 J. Richard
White, '46
Paul D.
Quinn, '36
1995 Jesse D.
Cain, '44
Robert J.
McNeill, '56
John J.
Marquess, Esq. '67
John E.
Murray, SJD, '50
Francis X. Dougherty, '59
1996 Gerald B.
Buckley, '50
Bernard J.
McLaughlin, '46
Martin J.
McCormick, '52
Rev. John J.
Conmy, OSFS, '29
Robert P.
O'Neill, '65
1997 Joseph F.
Flubacher, PhD, '31
Walter M.
Masterson, '38
Armond F.
Gentile, '52
Rev. Richard T.
Reece, OSFS, '54
Hon. James R.
Cavanaugh, '49
1998 Rev. Gerard J.
OSFS, '47
John J.
Quinn, '52
Maj. Gen. Joseph V. McLernan, USMC, '45 Rev. David I.
Hagan, OSFS, '56
Francis J.
Gleason, '53
1999 Frank J.
Dougherty, '59
James R.
Walsh, '53
Michael J. McKenna, '52 Bernard C.
Sekula, PhD, '69
Francis J.
Byrne, '65
2000 Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 Barry D.
Brodzinski, '73
Martin J. Maddaloni, '57 M. Rev. Martin N.
Lohmuller, DD, JCD, '37
John T. "Herb"
Smith, '46
2001 James V.
Amadie, '54
Edward P.
Geisz, '42
Erwin T.
Straw , '46
Oliver G.
Ludwig, PhD, '53
Lawrence P.
Conti, '63
2002 John R.
Doman, '62
Henry R. "Hank"
Siemiontkowski, '68
Capt. Thomas W. Kelley, OSFS, USN, '41 Edmund F.
Gordon, '64
Joseph L.
Zazyczny, '53
2003 Kenneth W.
Milano, '77
Joseph F.
Kadlec, '62
James A.
Williams, '68
Michael E.
Pietrzak, '67
John T.
Musial, '63
2004 Gerard J.
Jonas, '49
Michael F.
Fallon, '48
Louis J.
Sigmund, '50
Charles J.
Wolf, MD, '61
John J.
Taylor, '73
2005 Thomas J.
Smith, '66
Dennis R.
Seddon, '67
Carl F.
Gregory, '51
Rev. Neil F.
Kilty, OSFS, '59
Joseph P.
Hand, '54
2006 John S.
Grady, '55
Donald J.
D'Ambra, '90
James J.
Avery, '69
Michael S.
Shetzline, MD, PhD, '77
Edward J.
Lowry, '62
2007 James E.
Arnosky, '64
James A.
Gallagher, '47
James E.
Dugan, '63
Rev. John J.
OSFS, '37
Vincent E.
Furlong, '50
2008 James E.
Dougherty, PhD, '41
Gerard J.
Brindisi, '74
John T.
Fries, '61
James A.
Padova, MD, '56
Edward J.
White, '55
2009 Thomas P.
Forkin, Sr., '52
James C.
Hueber, '66
Steven J. McCaffrey, '81 Edward F.
McClay, MD, '67
Paul J.
Hondros, '66
2010 Ernest F.
Koschineg, '61
Robert J. Wheeler, '67 Joseph F. Petaccio, Jr., '59 Rev. George S.
OSFS, '66
James P.
Meehan, '67
2011   Michael P. McDevitt, '82 Hon. John R.
Padova, '52
Rev. Francis W. Collins, MM, '38 John R.
Hanejko, '65
2012 Edward A.
Turzanski, '77
      Francis J.
Fedele, '64
2013 Stanley R.
Witalec, '66
Laurence L.
Sullivan, '66
Timothy G.
O'Shaughnessy, '81
V. Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, MM, '67 Stephen A.
Cardullo, '72
2014 Reynold J.
Levocz, '59
Thomas J.
Gilmore, '82
Vincent A.
Panvini, '65
Samuel P.
DeBow, '71
William F.
Coyle, Esq., '56
2015 Thomas A.
Razzano, '65
James P.
Savage, Jr., '92
Cosmo T.
DeNicola, '72
Rev. Joseph T.
Muller, MSC, '49
Hon. Gerard A.
Kosinski, '72
2016 Thomas H. Windfelder, '68 James V.
Gavaghan, '54
Joseph J.
Ashton, '66
Lester A.
DO, '66
John L.
McCloskey, '38
2017 David
Livewell, '85
Alvarez, '01
Edward F.
McCauley, '57
Abbot Edmund M.
Boyce, OSB, '55
Thomas P.
Morgan, '64
2018 Leo D.
Trombetta, '69
Patrick D.
Morris, '95
Vincent J.
Market, '81
Joseph R.
Vaisnys, PhD, '52
Robert B.
Devine, '73
2019 Joseph R.
Marbach, PhD, '79
Michael P. McCarron, '84 Gregory J.
Blazic, '64
William J.
Welsh, PhD, '65
Patrick J.
Boyle, '49

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